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Corrupted Mickey is a version of Photo-Negative Mickey with black skin, white gloves, and pink, human-like eyes.


Corrupted Mickey will become active on Night 2. He will start in the Broadcasting Room when it is empty. He will be unseen, but a timer will be visible on the top-right hand corner. The timer starts at 100, but counts down to 0. Once the timer reaches 0, Blood Mouse will immediately teleport to the office, where he can be seen on the monitor. The player must shut off CAM 7 to avoid him. Once he goes back and the CAM comes back on, the timer will reset.


  • Corrupted Mickey's model is actually True Mickey, but his textures are value inverted.
  • Corrupted Mickey's mechanics are similar to that of Grunkfuss the Clown from One Night at Flumpty's.
  • Corrupted Mickey was actually made before Blood Mouse, and was going to serve his purposes instead.
  • Corrupted Mickey's timer will not start until Suicide Mouse and Blood Mouse leave the Broadcasting Room. If he comes back, the timer will stop and reset.
  • Corrupted Mickey's teaser is the same as his promo, but it was heavily edited to looking like it was corrupted.