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Corrupted Mouse is a hidden easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island


He looks like Mickey Mouse, but with corrupted textures and has ability to distort himself.


He will start from Storage Room, then move to Staff Area, Character Prep 2, Air Vent and reach your Office. The player must shut off camera to stop him. Failing to do so, he will jumpscare the player with his killscreen and crash the game.

Also, he may replace Lisa's Phonecall with his message in the beginning of Night 2 with 50% chance.


  • Unlike The Corrupted, he has eyes and can distort his face.
  • When he attacks, he does not share Blood Mouse's screech. Instead, it makes noise from ENDgame Easter Egg.
    • In earlier verisons, he shared Corruptus' screech.


Corrupted Mouse in Storage Room

Corrupted Mouse in Staff Area

Corrupted Mouse in Character Prep 2

Corrupted Mouse in The Office

Corrupted Mouse's Killscreen