Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


An Oswald Suit But He Heavily Corrupted.


He Start On Character Prep 4, Normally He Is Invisible With Exception He Is About To Leave, When He About To Leave Character Prep 4 He Is Visible With Corrupted Sounds And Screens, And Somehow He Teleport Instanly Into The Office, When He In Your Office, You Need Hide For 10 Seconds, But If He Is On Center, Shut Off The Power, When The Power Out, He Can Go Left Door Or Right Door Or Even Center, If You See Him Flash Him 8 Times, If Not He Gonna Use His Death Screen And Reset The Gane To Warning Screen.


  • "Your Soul Is Gonna Be Mine Haha"
  • "You Should Be Death In The Hell"
  • "Get Out This Place Or I'am Gonna Torture You"
  • "This World Is Terrible, Hell Its Fun"
  • "I'am Gonna Kill You"


  • When He In The Office, The Monitor On The Desk Is Showing Character Prep 4 But Blood Everywhere And A Corrupted Object.
  • He Can Teleport To Your Office Instanly Is Because He Has Teleport Ability.
  • When He About To Leave Character Prep 4, The Camera Will Corrupted And The Screens Will Corrupted Too.
  • You Can Get His Platinum Thropy After Beating Night 18 Which Very Hidden.