Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia
Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

(look a corruptus rip-off)


Corruption Mickey Is Suicide Mouse, Photo-Negative Mickey, And Mickey Mouse Combined.


"I C-C-Can H-H-Hear Y-Y-You..."

"W-W-Wanna S-S-See M-M-My H-H-Head C-C-Come O-O-Off...?"

"H-H-HELP U-U-US..."

"R-R-Real S-S-Suffering Is N-N-Not K-K-Known..."


"D-D-Don't B-B-Be S-S-Scared, I-I-It's M-M-Me, M-M-Mickey M-M-Mouse!


Corruption Mickey's Jumpscare Can Crash The Game And Erase All Your Data.

The Only Way To Get It Out The Office Is To Turn The Camera Off.

Corruption Mickey Is Based On Corruptus.

The Distorted And Echoed Version Of Suicide Mouse's Theme Will Play When Corruption Mickey's Active.

Corruption Mickey's Jumpscare Screech Is Like True Mickey's But Very Low And Slowed Down.

Corruption Mickey Has The Personality Of Photo-Negative Mickey, Suicide Mouse, And Mickey Mouse.

Sound Files

(Anyone Wanna Be Corruption Mickey's Voice Actor?)