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the only thing you shall fear, is me -corruptor
"We still need to get our equipment ready"
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Idea of Corruptor: kawaii dezu

Voice Actor: GreenKoopaShell

Model made by: Budgie2712

Idea of what Corruptor would've looked like: Anonymous


Corruptor is a suit inspired by the FNATI: NBD characters.

It has teeth all over it's eye sockets, and eyes growing out of his head, and spikes on his gloves, as well as spikes on his chest and shoes.


Corruptor starts at Character Prep 2, outside of the window, then moves into the Storage Room then heads to the Staff Area. He will then be seen in the Meat Freezer, holding Goofy's head. And finally into The Office.

Corruptor will not go away if the players shuts off a camera, due to him being deaf. The only way to get it out of your office is hiding under the desk.

Shutting off the power is a bad idea when it's in your office or any other place, that's because it has good eye sight. The only way to get it out of your office is to shine your flashlight at it. If Corruptor is in any other location in your office, but close to being there, hiding in the desk will work, as it will acknowledge that you've left the office, and will leave the office looking for you. If you hide while he is in the office, you will be killed.

His lines will play whenever he moves;

  • "I used to be a human like you, now look at me.."
  • "The only thing you shall fear, is me"
  • "This is your last resort"
  • "Watch me when i tear you apart, limb by limb"
  • "The longer you stay here, the longer you'll rot"
  • "I am the only one here"
  • "You don't know how it feels like to suffer."Or, he will simply laugh.


  • Corruptor can not see the other characters due to a curse, this explains why one of his lines are ''I am the only one here"
  • Corruptor is inspired by Corruptis and George the Eyesore. (Also FNATI:NBDà
  • The name of Corruptor was first named ??? Mouse but was changed.


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