Crab Bite Minion IS from fnami tb His behavior is Exactly as pnm he appears in night 1 he looks normal

he is a replacement of pnm so if you beat night 8 and you see a cb minion in extras click on his eyes to go on night 1

if you see Photo Negative mickey with Crabiteminion The Camera will have a wierd buzzing sfx his shade is him with fleshy eyes and razor sharp teeth even though if you want him go away in the office shut off a camera off him if you dont do it He will jumpscare You causing a game over Just the normal game over screen he might be IN THE MENU SCREEN

341-3410911 crab-bite-minion-minion-transparent-characters-hd-png
Species: Minion

Gender: Male

First apperance: Night 1

Behavior: PNM



wanna see my head come off


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