Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Crash is a Suit based of the Character Crash from the Disney XD show Crash and bernstein.


Crash is Purple with a Red Shirt and Blue Pants. he has red eyes sometimes. He is From a Currently unnamed FNATI unoffical fan game that has no title yet.


Crash will Start at the Hallway on Cam 12 and Will travel attempt to travel to your office, he can be lured by Shutting off the Camera in a room that his nearby him. he only tries to go into your office from the right wall, if he gets to the Right wall outside your office then he will face slam it, which will cause it to break, after he breaks it he will run back to his starting location, after he does that he will try going into the office from the right wall again, and if the wall is not fixed then he will enter your office, he will then jumpscare you, which wont kill you but will turn the screen black for a few seconds, which makes it harder to survive while you cant see.

More to be added soon