Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Crawler Suicide Mouse is a fan made character.


Crawler Suicide Mouse is Suicide Mouse but with no legs and gray glowing pupils.


Crawler Suicide Mouse appears at Night 1, in the Broadcasting Room. However, only his eyes can be seen behind a TV.

He attacks the player at Night 6, replacing Suicide Mouse. When he appears, a glitchy version of the Suicidemouse.avi plays. When he is in the Meat Freezer, the room slowly turns black and white. The player must shut off the Broadcasting Room camera. This cause Crawler Suicide Mouse to disappear and the music to stop. If the Meat Freezer fully turns black and white (it takes at least 7 seconds), Crawler Suicide Mouse jumpscares the player.


  • His jumpscare sound is actually the jumpscare sound from Happy Mouse when you stay in the main menu for too long.
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