Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Created Sin is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


Created Sin is a pitch black mouse, its eyes, mouth and bowtie are white and something white leaks from its eyes, possibly ectoplasm. The entirety of its body looks to be dripping and distorted.


Created Sin starts anywhere, when he is at a location. The camera goes static. When he appears at your office, you either have to shut off the cameras or hide under the desk. Turning off the power will not work on him, for he can see you in the dark. Also when he is at the office, he starts to glitch a little bit. His jumpscare will result in a game over.


  • Created Sin is based off Molten Evil from the FNAF fangame Dormitabis.
  • His appearance is also based off Molten Evil from the FNAF fangame Dormitabis.
  • He is friends with Purpleglass and Greyscale Mouse.
  • His jumpscare is based off Nightmare's from FNAF 4.
  • Created Sin's name is based off Molten Evil, due to the fact NowDoYourHomieShake tried to find a way to make a clever name that would be useful but NowDoYourHomieShake was lazy.
  • The Purple Rabbit tried to make a female version, but he didn't approve saying "this is why I edit my own characters."
    • Seriously, he said that. Go on his profile. I bet you, he said that.