Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Cruella De Vil is a Fan Made antagonist in A:DI"


She has similar appearance of her normal counterpart but most of her texture are Glitched, the glitch also has pretty bright colors.


She can spawn on a Random Locations and she will make a Random Path to your office. When she enter you must use atleast 1 "Pills" that appear on "Heart Rate" Monitor to survive.


(Note she has corrupted effect on her quotes just like Owl)

  • "This territory belongs to me".
  • "I can control them all".
  • "Everything is Mine".
  • "Do you know what my purpose is?".
  • "You can't really stop me".


  • Anywhere.


  • There is once a bug that she won't leave even when you using the "Pills" this was fixed later on.
  • She is believed to have a "Dark Magic" according to the Developer.
  • She can Corrupt the camera if you looking at her on the Camera for too Long.