Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Cursed Doll is a fan made character in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He resembles Slester, except he is all black. He appears to have a long, spike arm with five spikes on each arm as if it was a hand. He also has multiple possessed eyes in both of his eye sockets and inside his mouth with is converted into a smile. He also has spiky teeth inside.


Cursed Doll first starts on night 5, but very rarely appears. He first starts on the roof. The player must not look at him for too long or he will make an evil laugh and teleport to the office. The player must shut off the power or he will kill you. He also appears on Night 6 in a special night called " Cursed Night". To active the night, the player must first encounter Slester on Night 1 or 2 once. Then, they must go to Pirates Cavern and go to the office. There, they will find a strange, looking voodoo doll, then the player must find a pin to stick it with, they will then hear a scream coming out of it. After that, you will realize that night 4 and 5 are slightly different. Sometimes, the cameras or the power don't shut off, you will see the characters in two different places, if you get jump scared, sometimes the characters disappear, you will hear loud lightning and ghastly moans, and God will appear corrupted. After that, you will move on to Night 6, there the night is different. You will hear God's screams and she will scream " HELP ME, END THE CURSE" Then a voice says with text saying " Hello there, do you know who I am? I am a cursed doll, I was the original and first voodoo doll made by the voodoo doctor. I was made before Slester, but then I was rejected by that doctor and was burned alive. I then later killed the doctor and collected his soul. Since many people die in this area, I collected all of their souls and now they are all mine, and your soul will be mine also. So be prepared for your torment and try to end the curse... if you can * laughs*. The night then starts. Cursed Doll will appear everywhere this time. You have to not try to look at him for too long or he will teleport to the office and kill you instantly. If he's in the office, you have to use the voodoo doll that was from before and stab it to make him go away. After you have completed the night. The text says " NO! I can't believe it.. you still have the doll.... I thought it got burnt.... it's impossible!" The player then thinks and throws the doll on the ground and burns it with a match, Cursed Doll then screams and he disappears while all the souls inside him fly out" You then realize that you have saved the island from the curse and you get the "uncursed ending"


Cursed Doll first starts at The Roof, but then goes into the office, in Cursed Night, he can go anywhere.


  • He was confirmed to be the original doll made before Slester.
  • The doll could of been revived by God after it got burnt.
  • He's connected to Slester.
  • He could be another demonic, evil being similar to others like Suffering.
  • The possessed eyes inside him represent the trapped souls inside him.