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''We still need our equipment ready.''

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Cursed Woody Is A Fan-Made Antagonist In Abandoned: Discovery Island.


He looks the same as in Toy Story but he is Messed Up completetly.


Woody's mechanic is simple. When he is in the Office, you'll have to stand still because he is "Scanning" the room if there is anyone there.


Roof -> Lounge -> Office.


-A Record Player? I've never seen one in Years...

-You'll be The next Snake in my Boot....


Greg's Phone Call (Scrapped)

"Hey Bud. It's me, Greg! so we found a creepy vintage suit of Woody. it looks a bit dusty and when we got close to it stared at us so we stopped moving. It might do the same to You. just when he comes in the Office, Stand still and it shoud leave. I have nothing else importent so Yeah see ya after the night!"