Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

(this character does NOT have the same behavior as its creator)


Cutie Mouse is an almost perfect copy of Izzy Da Mouse, except she wears a lighter colored dress with a red heart on it, she also wears a magenta belt and has bows on her shoes.


Cutie Mouse is also much more girly than Izzy Da Mouse, she follows Oswald into the same areas that Oswald enters as if she has a crush on him (Ortensia would NOT like that, and the facts are Cutie Mouse DOES have a crush on Oswald and Ortensia hates Cutie Mouse for that) she enters the storage room as if her heart was pounding (it would be if she had one.) When she enters the office, you will have 20 seconds to lure Oswald into the office. Fail to lure Oswald in time, she will say this "Where Is OZZY?!" you will then have another 5 seconds for Oswald to come into the office before Cutie Mouse jump scares you.


If she is in the same room as Oswald.

  • "Oh, umm, hi Ozzy."
  • *lying* "oh i didn't expect you to be here."

If she misses Oswald by a split second.

  • "Ozzy I saw you here, come back!"
  • "oh no i missed him."

If she comes in 2+ seconds after Oswald leaves.

  • "Oh he's not here."
  • "Darn Ozzy isn't here."

In the office without Oswald

  • "Hi have you seen Ozzy?"

If you succeed in luring Oswald to the office


If she encounters Ortensia.

  • "Ortensia? What are you doing here?"
  • "Oh! sup Ortensia!