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D.U.S.T.E.DIs a antagonist in abandoned discovery island and Five Nights at Treasure Island. He's name complete is Distorted under soul's to end disney he coming for revenge by jake.



It has the appearance of a chip only that it is broken from some parts and sprinkled. His right eye is missing, half of his left arm is missing and contains a kind of tip in it, apart from the fact that in his mouth it contains human teeth, different from his two normal teeth, in some parts of his left arm, that is, where he is broken you can see some human eyes, he lacks his legs which are now human as if he had a corpse inside and also some of his clothes are damaged.


He will start outside the building, he enters through the caverns entrance or the roof, by siert in any other chamber he will be seen more than in those two, having entered your office you should turn off the energy to claim it separately, when you are in the office and already turned off the light should be hidden for 8 seconds otherwise it will die. sometimes it will make characters like donald, daisy, pluto or another character that attracts other costumes that appear in your office and can even kill you by looking at it for a long time in the cameras.

When moving around the discovery island D.U.S.T.E.D will say:

  • "don't try to change your actions"
  • "I'm going to make sure you stay alive when you suffer"
  • "Your mistake is here for Revenge" (Louder/Less Echo)
  • "I will tear your head off and destroy all of your body"
  • "I finally found your fears, don't hide of them"


Obviously he starts outside of the building and he enter to the roof or the caverns entrance and then he will enter to the office.


  • Originally it would not be a chip if it would not be Horacio but it was decided to change since the idea of seeing Horacio in that state would not convince so much.
  • His gameplay of being outside the building is based on that of mick mick of Five Nights at Treasure Island: Found.
  • In the meat freezer chamber you can rarely see which is why it is the place where it is least hidden.
  • His shout is a bit similar to that of suicide mouse but with some varieties like the echo he makes is more human.
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