"Hey! bud, This is Greg again. You know that one black figure we managed to keep in the back of Discovery Island? You may not have heard about it but that one black figure just escaped last night, nobody knows how he pulled that off. But please keep an eye on him, we recently been losing employees last night due to his rampage. So uhhh, if you see him. Just hide under the desk. He'll go away after 5 seconds of absence. That's all for tonight, I gotta go now. Catch you later at 6:AM." -Greg from the Night 6 Phone Call.


DOMINATION is an antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.


DOMINATION is a black humanoid with what appears to be a helmet on it's head, his left arm is replaced by a spike. He is an agressive humanoid who will kill any nightguard in it's way of "Domination."


DOMINATION will start off camera on the roof, then he will teleport to the Meat Freezer, and then the office, in order to prevent DOMINATION from killing the player, the player must hide under the desk for 5 seconds, then DOMINATION's path resets. Failing to do so will cause DOMINATION to kill the player with a jumpscare. After killing the player, he will say one of these quotes.

"I have done something Lord Dominator couldn't do, complete the domination...."

"This place was not meant for you or anyone else, this place was meant to be a graveyard to all those who have fallen in this cursed island."

"This is how it feels, and you are going to experience it all over, and over again....I will never let you leave..."

"I used to be a good lifter, but now I can surely carve you into a nice work of art just fine."


  • DOMINATION's helmet could be the one Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder wore.
  • DOMINATION is the only character on Night 6: The Night of Domination to have death quotes after killing the player, similar to Ultimate Custom Night.
  • DOMINATION's promo comes from a fanmade Yellow Undying promo that never got used.
  • DOMINATION's name comes from Lord Dominator from Wander Over Yonder.
    • But this could be just a coincidence.
  • DOMINATION says that he used to be a good lifter in one of his death quotes.
    • This could mean that he used to be one of the employees of Discovery Island, who carried boxes to the Storage Room.
  • DOMINATION was probably killed by Greyscale Mouse.
    • The way he died was having his left arm torn off by Greyscale Mouse, then proceeding to get stabbed multiple times with a butcher knife by him. Therefore resurrecting him from the dead and replacing the arm he torn off with a spike.
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