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"Hold It Right There"
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Damaged Oswald is a Distorted Version of the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Toon, that seems to have a full skeleton inside. He was mainly made outta boredom.


Damaged Oswald, as his name says is a Damaged version of Oswald. He seems to have many Rips throughout of his whole body, as his chest, legs, head and shoulders. He has a part of his left ear and leg ripped, and he has a human skeleton exposed in many parts. He has a skeleton human arm, that is surrounded with flesh. He seems to be Eyeless and his both eyesockets along with his mouth are wider than normal, and he's covered in Dust. Unlike before, his textures are normal, making him Oswald instead of Dark Oswald.


Damaged Oswald starts at the storage room, like he used before.Then he can go to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer, Lounge and then he will finally enter to the Office. Same path as he had before. To get rid of him, Use the flashlight. Damaged Oswald starts at night 2, 1AM.


Damaged Oswald's path is :

- Storage room

- Staff Area

- Meat Freezer

- Lounge

- Office


While Moving, he talks, saying things like :

- "God? God? She is gone."

- "God can't hear you..but I can."

- "God can't save you from us.."

- "Nobody will hear your Prayers. Nobody will hear your suffering."

- "Hey.."


  • Actually, Oswald is slightly taller than before. This is because of the fact that now he has human legs, Making him slightly taller.
  • His Textures are normal, Making him Oswald instead of Dark Oswald.
  • That is because his design wasn't really fitting with Dark Textures.