Daniel Mclaffen is a human that works for the SSA, he calls Jake on night 1. He is in charge of Removing any information of the SSA from the internet. He has a tendency to mess up and say things he shouldn't.


  • Daniel's first language is most likely not english.
  • Daniel probably sleeps late, as he complains about greg waking him up.
  • His name is inspired in Greg's name.



"Hi Jake, Daniel is talkin'... Yooou didn't answer so i left you a message, In the middle of the night! Thank greg for me... Heh, well, Jokes aside. You've seen the head in the meat freezer? Well we found the body. You may see 'im "Acephalous" A.K.A Goofy, he is not that dangerous, sure he plays with the lights a lot but he can't hear-nor-see Because of th' location of it's head. So your best bet is to hide if he' enters your office. He will never notice you!! If his head moves-... It shouldn't move, there i no way... If you have seen anything like a white figure.. hehm-, hum, Nothing in special... Yoou can hide; I think it leaves. Yea... Nev'rmind that! J' frg't it! (Hehe) Good night!"