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DarkManic Mickey is a Fan-Made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island 2.6.


1968. A soldier called John Jefferson was sended to the vietnam war . After a Helicopter Attack on the zone by Vietnem God Force, John Jefferson was highly damaged, then, it was sacrificed with a butter knife. Years ago, Discovery Island was builded in the same place that John Jefferson's dead body was. Then, Garry was revived by Purity and she gave powers to her, and a mighty hand with super powers, and John Jefferson traveled to Pirate Caverns, then, she found a suit, and she got inside it. Now, how Purity revived her, Purity sended Jefferson Kill to Sife Jefer But Fail to Jefer DarkManic High Death. 1 Week Pass. DarkManic High Zombie But High intelligence.


DarkManic is a regular Mickey Mouse suit, except DarkManic is Zombie Intelligence. fully Make Rotten Flesh.


DarkManic will be first seen on the Treasure Island Graveyard, coming out of the ground. He will then be seen on the Roof, trying to get out to get into the building. He will then be seen in Lounge standing on a table. DarkManic and runs to the Office, if the player does not shut off the power quick enough to get rid of him.


  • He is Zombie but High IQ.
  • He is Used His IQ to Power of Island.
  • His is My 1st character in Wiki in New Profile.
  • Error Get High IQ to Ton to Bug.
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