Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Dark Suicide Mouse is an unofficial antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Dark Suicide Mouse is just Suicide Mouse, but he only has glowing white eyes and long fingers on his gloves.


Dark Suicide Mouse starts at Cam 7, when he is active in here, he shuts down all the rooms, except for the Office, then he goes to Cam 3, he goes to Cam 1, he goes to Cam 2, and finally he goes to the Office turned off when he's in the Office, you'll have to hide under your desk before he kills you.


  • He was Web's character/toon, prior Re-Ownership.
  • The model is made by: Dillon Wiggins.
  • He is voiced by web125546.


  • "You'll only end in suffering..."
  • "They never helped us..."
  • "I know you're there."
  • *laughing*


Dark Suicide Mouse saying "You'll only end in suffering..."

Dark Suicide Mouse saying "They never helped us..."

Dark Suicide Mouse saying "I know you're there."

Dark Suicide Mouse laughing.

Dark Suicide Mouse's screech. (Loud)