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Whoa, hold up buddy.

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Darkened Photo-Negative Mickey (formerly Modern Photo-Negative Mickey) is a fan-made easter egg and a joke antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Darkened P-N Mickey was originally created by Web125546, under the name "Modern Photo-Negative Mickey". Un Invert Mickey created a more improved version of the toon in Blender.


Darkened PNMickey's appearance is that of Photo-Negative Mickey, except that he has a darker color scheme. The original art, made by Web125546 for the character's appearance consisted of this character with large ears and facial expressions.


Darkened P-N Mickey has a similar behavior to that of RWQFSFASXC from FNaF 2.

He will appear in the office rarely on any night, standing in front of the Treasure Island sign in a similar vein to Oswald. To get rid of him, turn off the power or open the monitor. Hiding under the desk has 50/50 chance of working. If the player fails to do anything within 5 seconds, he will kill the player and crash the game.


  • The textures in the current promo of Darkened Photo-Negative Mickey are those of True Mickey's. Despite that, the two are not connected.
  • Darkened PNM lives in a refrigerator.


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