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Death is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned Discovery Island.

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He looks like a normal Mickey suit, but he is eyeless and doesn't have any pupils. The only colors he has are Red, Purple, and Sky Blue. He is also doing the same pose with his hands like Suicide Mouse. He also looks like Suicide Mouse but with different colors.


He starts in the Storage Room where he isn't shown. He starts to show himself eventually. Then he goes to the Staff Area, then the Meat Freezer, Lounge then the Office. You must shut off a cam to survive.


  • El Rodriguito 2 edited the textures of The Face (He just opened Paint.net and put the hue at -44) and El Rodriguito 2 wrongly put that texture in the Suicide Mouse Model. That's how Death burned
  • His Screech is the Photo-Negative Mickey's Screech. Just with a eco effect and slowed down

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