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Decimated Mickey Is An Unofficial And A Fan-Made Antagonist In Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.0. , he is a ruined Mickey Mouse cartoon character with unfinished textures and he is a little fast on every camera in the monitor.

Screenshot (418)

Decimated Mickey In The Center Of The Office


Decimated Mickey's appearance nearly resembles to Mickey Mouse's , except that he is almost a ruined Mickey Mouse cartoon character , his textures are unfinished and scattered and his features are almost not matching the original Mickey Mouse suit in the Disneyland Park. He still has red shorts/pants but it's slightly darkened and it's with white buttons stitched onto it. And he still has yellow shoes that are sort of darkened. He lacks his whole left arm and he doesn't have ears , and he appears to have a damaged and a missing nose. He appears to have a burnt-patch around his eye's area , and he has a huge , bulging human-like eyeball. He appears to have a pale orange face with black fur. His glove is sort of darkened at the glove's left side.


Decimated Mickey Will Become Active On Night 7 , he will first start in The Stairway , then he will then go to his next locations before appearing at the other cameras , he will then go along to :

After Being In Those Locations , he will then be able to appear on the other cameras in the monitor , he will just then move multiple room , appear on all of the rooms or roam everywhere at random intervals , but then he will appear on the Roof at random intervals alongside The Face. Then he will then proceed to go inside the vent at the Roof , then he will appear at the center of the Office , if the player spots him in the Office , the player must pull up the monitor and proceed shutting off one of the cameras , then after that , Decimated Mickey will get out of the Office , But If The Player Fails Or Neglects Shutting Off One Of The Cameras in the monitor in time , then Decimated Mickey will then attack or kill the player and then will result a game over.


Decimated Mickey will start in The Stairway , then he will then go to the Depths , then he will go to the Break Room , then he will head through the Entrance Room or the Cavern's Entrance. After Being In Those Locations , He will then head through multiple room that is : Character Prep 1 , Staff Area , Meat Freezer , Bathroom , Lounge , Storage Room , Character Prep 2 Or The Janitor's Closet At Random Intervals. He will then appear at the Roof and random intervals , then he will eventually arrive inside the Office Room.
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