Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


She Is A Minnie With Exception Has Wide Mouth, And Eye Socket And One Human Eye On Left Eye Socket, Her Right Hand Is Missing And Has Dusty Burnt Like Texture.


She Start On Character Prep 4 Then She Move Very Fast To Entrance Room, Then She Goes To Stairway, Then She Goes To Break Room, ThenShe Move To Storage Room, Then She Goes To Staff Area, Then She Move To Meat Freezer And Instantly Goes To Office, To Prevent Her You Must Shut Off Camera Or Shut Off Power, Failling Or Doing Nothing, She Will Kill You And A Game Over.


An Very Weird Minnie Suit, Supposed Used In Mickey Fright Show But Since Mickey Fright Show Is Burned, It Goes Storaged In A Hidden Place.


  • She Never Speak At All
  • She Removed On 0.40 Because Her AI Somehow Is Broken, But She Back On 0.50 With Better AI.
  • She Was Supposed Be An Suit On Mickey Fright Show But It Was Refused Since Mickey Fright Show Is Burned.
  • You Can Get Her Golden Thropy After Beating Night 10