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"It might me Jake's imagination, that can't be real..."


D_E_L_I_R_I_U_M or simply Delirium is a fan-made antagonist and a easter egg in Abandoned: Discovery Island and Five Nights at Treasure Island.


Delirium's appearance is that of MickMick, but this one has got a different texture and different eyes.


Delirium can randomly spawn in Character Prep 1, Meat Freezer, Bathroom or in the office. He's extremely unpredictable, due to its ability to spawn at any night at any moment. There's different chances of spawning in different places:

  • Character Prep 1: 1 out of 100 chances
  • Meat Frezer: 1 out of 100 chances
  • Bathroom: 1 out of 65 chances
  • Office: 1 out of 150 chances

If he spawns into the office, the player must hide immediatly before he fades out and kills the player.


  • Its textures are actually a distorted TV noise.
  • It is based off in The Dream Syndrome (Hallucination).
    • Delirium's name is actually a disease which makes people see hallucinations and believe that they are in an alternate world, or being persued by somebody or a group of people.
  • Delirium's killscreen shows him without eyes and blood coming out of one of its eye sockets.
  • User:Budgie2712 had deliriums when he was sick of flu, and it's horrible.
  • Delirium was not intended to appear in Character Prep 1, but it did in its latest version.
  • Delirium can rarely appear in Pirate Caverns.


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