adl Appearance abandoned

mickmick base model, other than that, he is a see through man that is transparent and colored white.


He has a 20% chance to replace Undying,the mick in Pirate Caverns. Once he replaces Undying,the mick, he will replace him for the rest of the game, although he can be viewed seperately in the extras menu. Due to this, he shares the same AI as all Undying.


  • He is actually the see through man mentioned briefly in the "Corruptus" Creepypasta, right at the River Country list.
  • He will surprisingly have no importance to the story.
  • As it turms out, there is offically a clear man,the demo man in Five Nights at River Country, and Jacksonfnaffan didn't know this! What a coincidence! (thanks to ThatOneWankEngine for informing me about this)
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