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"Hey Jake! It's me, Lisa! I want you to keep a close eye on the Janitor's Closet and the Bathroom. There's a weird red-colored Mickey Mouse suit. That's what Henry told me before he get lost... Okay... Anyway, I think that nothing will happen. Must be Henry's imagination." - Lisa, Night 2.

Demon is a Fan-Made secret antagonist of Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Demon is a withered and distorted version of Photo-Negative Mickey but recolored to red. His pants are pink instead of red. He has got empty, big and apparently expanded eye sockets. In one of Demon's teasers, is seen that he has got glossy human-like eyes. All the red parts of his body seems to be glossy.


Demon is really different from all the other suits. There's a chance of 1 of 333 that Demon becomes active on the nights 7 - 8 - 9. When he's in a room, a red light will be along with Demon, and the room will be distorted. He is one of the slowest, but most dangerous characters in the game.

When moving, Demon will occasionally speak, but his quotes are reversed. If they are set to normal, are as follows:

"You should have never come to this island."

"You will not be able to see the f*cking sunlight again."

"Stay here, you'll die."

"Welcome to true hell."

"The devil is waiting for you."

"You won't only be scared."

"Wanna see your head come off?"

The player needs to pervent that Demon enters to the office. Demon will move slowly, and the player must be attentive. If the player hears his reversed and demoniac laughter, along with a static, he/her needs to hide under the desk to avoid Demon. Other way to know if he's going to teleport to the office is watching CAM 7 (Broadcasting Room). If Demon is in CAM 7, the player has got a small time to hide.

When Demon enters to CAM 7, after some seconds he will enter to the office. If Demon enters to the office, the player will be unable to hide, pull up the monitor and shut off the power. After 3 seconds, the player will be killed. The office will be distorted when Demon is inside it, and Demon can be seen in the desk. A split-second hallucination of Demon will appear when he's into the office.


Demon will start in CAM 9 (Janitor's Closet), then he will go to: CAM 5 (Bathroom), CAM 2 (Meat Freezer), CAM 1 (Staff Area), CAM 3 (Character Prep 1) and CAM 7.


  • Demon is actually Photo-Negative Mickey from Abandoned: Discovery Island 2019 Revival, but with red textures and mirror effect.
    • His textures are from Photo-Negative Mickey, but darker. Then, the textures were inverted and value inverted. Later, the color was modified to make it more red.
      • The tone was modified because the textures looked same as Blood Mouse.
  • Demon is probably twice of dangerous than Undying.
  • Demon's screech is from Blood Mouse.
  • Demon's jumpscare shows his hidden eyes.
  • Demon can rarely appear on the main menu after being killed by him.
  • Unlike Photo-Negative Mickey, Demon has got red blood, instead of yellow.
  • Demon was going to be made after Walter White the Mouse, but after Walter White the Mouse was cancelled, Demon was created to replace him.
  • Demon is voiced by User:Budgie2712.
  • Demon may be connected to True Mickey.
  • Rarely, Demon's face is seen after getting killed by True Mickey. This rare screen can explain the connection between True Mickey and Demon.
  • Demon is not active on the Jeff the Killer Night 9.
  • Demon is a Easter Egg, but if the player finds him he will be a choice in Custom Night.