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If you have one of these Phobia you better leave now to save your life. Anyway let's continue!


"Dentophobia or T E E T H or Odontophobia is one of the and Fan-Made antagonist on A:DI"


She take appearance of a Minnie Suit except that some of her part are replaced by a Human Teeth that's including her legs, hands, some part of her dress, ears etc. She also look distorted due her Human Teeth and she can't see anything due her Eye is replaced by a Human Teeth.


She will summon a Human Teeth on your screen and it will add more and more but it will vanish it self after a while, if you touch one of it your cursor will stuck into that position for a while but if you touch many of them you will killed by her.


She has no Quote in-game but she has Death Quote.

Death Quote

  • "Your teeth is belong to me now"
  • "Don't you just hate it when your teeth is taken by someone like me"
  • "Hey you better avoid my Teeth next time"
  • "My phobia is quite Complicated because i have Odontophobia but i also have Dentophobia"
  • "Now i have 17 Teeth"


  • Office


  • In one of her death quote she actually have Odontophobia and Dentophobia at the same time.
  • Dentophobia is actually fear of dentist but for some other media it is a fear of teeth.
  • She is the only character to have 2 Phobia at the same.
  • Like Dendrophobia she was going to have a direct path to your Office from Character Prep 1 according to the Game Files.
  • Her design is quite similar to "Nightmare Ink-blot Minnie" from" NBD 3" or "Nightmare PN Minnie" from the cancelled "NBD"