Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Depressed Mouse First becomes active on Night 1. His starting location is Animation Room he then moves to

Hallway F - Breakroom 1 - Spare Room B - Lobby - Living Room - Meat Freezer - Spare room A - The Office.


When Depressed Mouse enters your Office He Will appear In the Left hall and stare at you for 3sec, he will then pull out a knife and give a wide grin as he approaches slowly. Quickly flip up your monitor and Play the Steam Boat Willy theme, he will then back off and return to the Lobby. Don't use the radio for to long because it will cause your Sanity to Decrease.


  • Depressed Mouse is associated with Walt Disney's Death due to the Mouse's similar smoking habit to Walt and how he Looks at the statue of his creator in the Lobby.
  • Depressed Mouse has a very unique game over screen which shows his body dead on the ground and a bloody knife sitting next to It.
  • When designing This Character I wanted to give him a familiar Design but a different mechanic due to how many suicide mouse's there have been so I gave him a new identity and new backstory.
    Depressed Mouse.jpg
    Depressed Mouse