Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

The Depths is an unofficial location in Five Nights at Treasure Island which is accessed by spamming the Down button in the elevator located in Pirate Caverns while in floor 1, the player gets teleported to the room and then gets attacked by TS after a while.


This Location Has Been Unreleased In Five Nights At Treasure Island : Remastered. and it's a location located , seen and accessed and owns to Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.0. (also known as "*The Depth Room*").


This is a location located and accessed in Abandoned : Discovery Island 2.0. , this is a rare area "also known as CAM 14 that was unreleased in Five Nights At Treasure Island : Remastered. Half Of The Suits Can Start Inside The Depths That Is A room that's the downer level of a floor in the Basement and this room is the secret room that nobody has ever went inside because this room has been restricted for many years , this room is the bottom of the surface area below any cameras in the monitor.


The Depths is a restricted area that is a lower level and an lower surface below the other rooms after The Stairway that leads to the Depths.

The Depth's Area consist a television with a 'coding' screen on top of the pale desk underneath it. And the Depths consists floating bubbles around the room , and the depths consists wires next to the television and there's one at the center and there's one wire at the right. And the depths consist a chair , known as 'couch'. And there's an old piano keyboard set-up hanging at the ceiling , and there's a blank picture frame above an old , wooden box. And there's pale snow behind the small , black television. And there's a wire laying at the ground. And the depths consist a staircase will stair-lines with it at the left side of the room. The light inside the depths is dark light , pale navy. The wall is made of dark pale , light navy material that is made of dried wood.

And the depths consists a cardboard , packaged box that is colored pale brown. The ground is blue and pale navy patterned , concreted and stoned material and the room is severally textured 85%/Eighty-Five present darkened.


Starting Enemies

The Enemies that can start in the Depths are : Half Of The Suits. That Can Half of the suits can start inside the Depths , directly , randomly or barely including The Inkblot and Rotten Suicide Mouse at random intervals, Purple also start at this place on Night 5

Appearing Suits

The suits that activate inside the Island can have 10% or random , rarely or seldom chance of appearing inside the Depths , so it will be having a hard time for all of the suits appearing inside the Depths.