Deserted Minnie is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery island.


Deserted Minnie is Photo Negative Minnie but her color saturation is lowered and the colors were changed. She is missing her right forearm and her entire left arm. She has no teeth, a human eye and one eye is missing.


She starts in the Meat freezer on Night 5 and if she appears in the Office the player must shut off a camera or the power or she will jumpscare them causing a game over. If the player shuts off the power to make her go away then when it comes back on she will be back at the Office because she does not have a shade.


  • Deserted Minnie is more aggressive than other suits because she was Jake's first target and was the most damaged suit/toon.
  • Her jumpscare is Photo Negative Mickey's jumpscare with Oswald's jumpscare playing quietly in the background.
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