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diarreah is a fan-made antagonist for abandoned discovery island


He looks like oswald,but he's made out of shit and has pants that are made out of farts


He'll start inside the toilet and will block some character from entering the bathroom through the The Sewers,after some time he'll take the oswald form and start wandering around the place,once he enters the office,you must hide under the desk to make him go away,if you don't then he will kill you


  • legit no one likes him
  • he is the complete opposite of The Farter in terms of appareance,while farter is made out of farts and has a poop pants,diarreah is made out of poop and has pants made out of farts
  • diarreah has two forms,the shit form and the oswald form
  • he was going to start on the sewers but I lost the sewer textures so I had to put him in the bathroom
  • in his original design his eyes were the same color as his body but Kurt asked me to add him black eyes because idk
  • In night 6 he fuse with The Farter and Whitered farter to become Pooper


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