Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Dillontoon is an Antagonist, and Also one of the Main Protagonists in Project:Disney Trilogy.



Dillontoon's appearance is a inverted Classic Mickey that has red pants, yellow buttons, blue eyes and eyelids, Blue shoes, tail, and a hat.


Dillon Starts at Treasure Temple, you must Generate the room or else he will Appear, he goes to the Pirate Caverns Entrance, and he goes to the Meat Freezer looking at you, he goes to the Lounge opening the door Very very fast, and he will go to The Office if you don't shut off the power or Shut off any cam or He will kill you in 2 secs.


  • He's also in Project Disney 1: The Beginning,
  • He was also very withered, prior to his look is changed.
  • Note: His V.1.(Old) model was made by Mickmick99 and, Dillon decided to make a newer version of Dillontoon with some face expressions like a sad look, eye moving, and fingers moving.