Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


dimensional mickey is a purple mickey costume with green and orange clothes and his eyes are replaced by 2 buffering screens and he has a lowpoly design similar to Lowpoly Mario and Lowpoly Garfield and the polygons have a black outline and he also has a purple and green tail. His shoes are also blocky

shade appearance

he looks identical to his original counterpart but his eyes now are projecting 8 bit skulls and his pants now have the word "ERROR" replacing his buttons and his shoes texture is now the blue screen of death (when a Microsoft computer gets a virus)


he starts in the storage room of camera but then he will move and then he is seen coming out of a portal (note: multidimensional mickey gets his name because of the fact that he moves by going into another dimension via portal) then he will move to the meat freezer causing the textures to go to the checkered purple and black texture. then he will finally move to the office where everything becomes glitchy and you must pull up the monitor to get rid of him and you must shine your light at him until he fazes out of the office


"h-hi friEND"

"I-I'm mu-multidim-ensional"

"I mig-ght look like-e I stepped out of another r-realm and that's t-t-t-true!"

"this game i-i-is a never-ending he-ell!"


  1. he can teleport from dimension to dimension which explains why he can move so fast
  2. he looks the same in every game style because he is a mix of every game that took the for of mickey mouse