Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Discount suicide mouse is a total bootleg of suicide mouse he even mentions that in his quotes. and you could just consider him just willy but with a few changes


DSM looks Identical to willy but with a few changes

  • he has willy's hat but it black and gray instead of white and grey.
  • he has pure white goofy shoes with mickey mouse faces in the tips
  • his pants are black and the buttons only are one the front and not the back where the tail is.
  • his gloves are black with white stripes


DSM starts in the broadcasting room emerging from on of the TVs that are staked on top of each other. then he will move to character prep 1 picking out a shirt to hide his identity so the FBI wont arrest him for copyright... and then he will stumble towards the staff area where he can be seen opening the character prep 1 door and then he will go into the meat freezer where he will be seen looking at goofy's head questioning what happened. then he will go into the office where he is seen coming out of the TV. you must shut off a camera to get rid of him


"I don't deserve this copyright"

"hey it's me willy and everyone keeps asking me "wat dat mouth do". "

"real identity theft is not known"

"the sights of the FBI bring bootleggers back in"

"this place... is a copyright"

"I have made many copyrights"

"I have made many mistakes... one of them was pouring water into the cereal bowl thinking it was milk"


"oh wait you aren't the FBI sorry..."

"yay I love this chair thanks Jake"

"uhh... meow?"


  1. it's unknown how he is here but the other willys say that the working theory is "he was a failed attempt of making a more "kid friendly" suicide mouse" this also probably explains why Sui the Gray is here also because he was deemed "to scary for children". "
  2. he keeps himself out off sight whenever suicide mouse is around because he says "if Mortimer finds me he'll copyright me for sure!"
  3. he is the oddity of the willy suits and the suicide suits
  4. he is the 1 of the 3 suits that come out of the tv the other 2 include Glass Mouse and Blood Mouse

custom night...

yes DSM does appear in the custom night but he is one of the characters that Golden face can spawn

the others he can spawn are: the performer suits, Lor stacutter  (extremely rare), glitched suits and finally... Mateo the rabbit

shade discount suicide mouse

DSM has his own shade form which will appear if the player keeps his flashlight on for to long or stays in the dark for to long but you might say "that would make it impossible to trigger his jumpscare cuz you have to flash your flashlight to get rid of suits" but here is the catch: there is a reverse version of DSM called "discount willy" who is just suicide mouse in willy's clothing who appears if you flash to much cuz he is actually sleeping on the floor and will attack if you flash to much so you you need to balance out when your going to flash your light making light and darkness your friend and enemy.


one off his original quotes would have been "it's time for copyrighting"

he is the only character to mock any other suits audio "suicide mouse's audio"