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"Hi there!"
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"Hey Jake, It's Lisa. I wanted to tell you something I would think would be important to you. So uh, you know that headless Goofy thing? Well, it's been doing something strange as of recent. It's been placing the Donald head on-top of its neck, using the Donald head as his head. I hope I was able to explain that good enough. Now we initially thought this wouldn't be too bad, but it seems that when the two are combined together, they gain super great hearing and sight. It's very weird, so just watch out for it. Oh and by the way, hiding won't work like it used to since it has amazing eyesight. Just shut off a camera when you see it, its amplified hearing will alert it away from the office. Alright, see you tomorrow morning Jake. - Lisa, Night 3

Disemphalous is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Disemphalous has the exact appearances of Acephalous and Disembodied, nuff said.


Disemphalous has a rare chance of replacing both Acephalous and Disembodied on Night 3-6. How you can tell if Disemphalous will appear on the night, is if Disembodied and Acephalous are both missing from their spots. Around 2AM, he will appear in Character Prep 1, where they are seen standing towards the back of the room, staring into the camera. He will then move to the Staff Area, where they are seen bending towards the left, seemingly looking into the Meat Freezer. They will then move to the Meat Freezer, where they are hunched over, with his head turned completely sideways. He will then move to the Lounge, where they are seen with their back towards the camera in a walking motion. He will finally move to the Office, where they are seen standing directly in-front of the desk, bent downward with his lower jaw wide open.

Disemphalous acts as both a hostile danger, and an audio danger. Once appearing in the Office, Disembodied's quacks will play, making the other suits move much quicker and erratically. But if the player does not shut off a camera quick enough, they will be jumpscared.



  • Disemphalous is a character made by PlushTube in 2018, who was remade in 2022.
  • Disemphalous' jumpscare sound is Acephalous' with Disembodied's quacks in the background.
  • Disemphalous' 2018 appearance had him slightly withered with human teeth. (Seriously, what the hell was I thinking?!)