Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Dismember Mouse is a fan made antagonist on Abandoned: Discovery Island


Dismember Mouse is supposed to be a hallucination of what Jake saw in his life. He's controlling Jake's mind. Simply, he's almost a hallucination. Dismember Mouse can appear on some rooms at random, but you better not hide under the desk if he's in the office.


  • "You remember..."
  • "You saw that..."
  • "No arms, no legs..."
  • "I'm the one from your mind..."
  • "Forget about all this..."


He currently activates on Night 5 and on, He starts in The Roof floating on the chimney, Then goes to Character Prep 1, floating in front of the camera, He then goes to the Meat Freezer floating. Then the Lounge before the Office, Then the Office, The player must shut off a camera in order to get rid of him, Otherwise, he will kill the player. The player must not hide under the desk.


He appears to be Photo Negative Mickey, but eyeless and his mouth remain shut, He also seems to lack legs and arms.


  • Every camera he goes in and he floats, even the Office.
  • He can sometimes can float in front of the Character Prep 1 camera, obstructing the player's camera view.