Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Disney's Wrath (or for short, DW) is a robot that was in construction but wasn't finished in time, so it went scrapped. It was supposed to be a giant sitting mickey mouse sculpture that could move its eyes and blink.


It is a robot that has a head, a tangled mess of a body, and several mickey heads.


It starts in pieces in the Suit Warehouse. It then sits up, all back together again. It then repeats the cycle of Suit Warehouse, Suit Workshop, Character Prep 1, Meat Freezer, and then The Office.


It will activate at 1AM on Night 3. When it gets into the office, the player must make sound or else they die. The player must be very careful with Disney's Wrath because it is very quick. As long as the player is not looking at it's current camera, it will move cameras every 25 seconds. When it is in the office, it will kill the player if not dealt with in 15 seconds.


  • It is revealed while in the Meat Freezer that its mickey heads are sentient.
  • One of its mickey heads can be seen biting a piece of meat off its hook when it is in the Meat Freezer.
  • It has the same jumpscare noise as Photo Negative Mickey.