This is Disney X's second form and an antagonist in Abandoned:Discovery Island.


This takes place after the best ending and he has been released again this time much more powerful. Not only that, but the shadow suits become X suits which are alternate and more powerful versions of the shadow suits.


His second form appears to be some sort of monstrous mouse as he got Micky ears and is bigger than his normal self. He has claws and his chest appears to show dark rib cages and his body is thin. He also has a big and monstrous mouth with long, sharp teeth. He still has his shadowy appearance and has red evil eyes. And also has a tail and pants similar to Mickey's. His feet appear to resemble bear feet with claws.


He appears on Night X round 2. But only after you completed the best ending. His behavior is similar to his normal form but more aggressive. But now he has the ability to roar to speed up the X suits. You must fend him off the same way to get rid of him. The X suits are similar the shadow suits except they are more monstrous and more aggressive. Now the only thing to stop them is the light staff which still takes 1 shot to fend off. After that, you must seal him to the journal and after that, the night ends.


His location is similar to his normal form.


His roaring can cause the player's screen to shake.

He has a higher chance of attacking the player than to disable one of their mechanics in this form.

He can change to different forms based on the evil energy inside him which he then use on the shadow suits to turn them into X suits.

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