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Not to confuse you with one of the admins or The Face. (Also ask before editing or using this character) (Unlike Cheese Mouse/Cheese Mickey, I am trying to be nice to the people who make fan-made suits)

Distoted Mickey is a Deviantart oc that is created by Sir-Duck-Official

He can start anywhere and makes his way to The Office similar to Corruptus.

The only way to prevent him from jumpscaring you is to shut off the cameras...

And failing to prevent him will cause you game to crash.

When he moves, he says these quotes:

"I use to be like you"

"When are you going to suffer?"

"You may run but the screams will come back to you"

"Your death will be short and painful"

"Prepare to suffer"

Distorted Mickey's jumpscare is a single frame where a bloodcurling scream can be heard before the game crashes.

When the player reopens the game, he will see Distorted Mickey on the menu instead of Photo Negative Mickey until he completes the night. (By the way he starts on Night 4)

Distorted Mickey's Mark I

Trivia time!!!11

  • This character is suppose to be based off Myster Mouse and Corruptus.
  • The deviantart page of Distorted Mickey was removed by the creator.
  • Distorted Mickey is an up-coming antagonist in the FNaTI fan-game "Five Nights at Treasure Island: Uncovered Secrets"
  • Distorted Mickey's quotes are distorted and/or reversed.