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he looks similar to his regular counterpart shade photo negative mickey but with the fact that he is very shiny with a tie dye like swirls all over his body and his eyes are replaced with 2 violet stars in there respective sockets.


he will always stay in the office on the TV to your right but if the is looking at you and the TV's screen is glitching out, hover your mouse over his head and the TV will return back to normal but if you neglect to hover your mouse over his head he will cause your vision to go "off" and the screen will have very odd lighting effects and you can see a optical illusion and you will then start to hallucinate jumpscares of other photo negative suits. But luckily after 1 in game hour the visual effects will start to fade away and distortional mickey's eyes will go back to normal as well (note: his mechanic is similar to lighting from ultra custom night but with a few major differences)



  • the reason of why your vison goes wonky donkey is actually the fact that a spare head off distortional mickey sips onto your head while the regular distortional mickey is looking at you, but the actual reason of why the mask makes your vision go off is cuz of the fact that when workers were making the suit head some complained that when they tried it on they started to see some things


Distotinal mickey.png

distortional mickey's promo