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Divided Rabbit is a fan-made antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island.


Divided Rabbit is a cross-dimension demon that can be found on Night 6.


Divided Rabbit's base appearance resembles that of Oswald, he has a wide plastic grin, with toon-like eyes. He wears white gloves, and several float around him. Along with this, he wears a yellow bowtie. A purple portal like object that cuts his body diagonally in half. Similar to Oswald, he wears blue shorts, however, all of his body below the portal is inverted in color, this meaning his legs are white, and part of his shorts are red.


There's a slight chance that Divided Rabbit will replace True Mickey on Night 6. The whole night will be the same, except for the second half that has the UNDERTALE like battle, instead, it will trigger a RPG Maker like battle against Divided Rabbit. It will be the player, Jake, along with 5 other randomly selected suits, each with their own special abilities. During the fight, most of Divided Rabbit's moves are references to many movies, and games. If the player wins the battle, they will be given an image of Divided Rabbit flipping them off, before the game crashes.


  • The name "Divided Rabbit" is actually one of Distorted Mouse's friends user name for Wikia, which was created using a random name generator they created.
    • "Distorted Mouse" was also created using this process.
  • Divided Rabbit's ending is the most disappointing ending in the game, with no real prize for completing it.