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"There's a more messed up iteration of Ortensia... I just call it "Doll". The music box is connected to him in some way." - Lisa

[Updated as of 25 of April 2021!]

* Description

Doll is an Antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island (Abandoned: Discovery Island) that has unique mechanics, turning each proceeding night into a nightmare.

* Appearance

Doll has a very similar appearance to Ortensia, however, she is in a much worse condition and has what looks like yellow liquid on her cheek and a tattered dress.

She has no lower jaw and has a big hole with glowing eyes, she has no hat in comparison to Ortensia and also lacks a nose.


Doll will start on The Incident Room sitting down in a corner, where a music box can be heard (Posted below)

The player must wind up this Music Box to keep Doll in the room. If the player forgets to wind up the music box and the music ends, Doll will get up and run toward the office in a matter of seconds. The player cannot fend her off in this state. The music box unwinds faster each night and is almost impossible to keep up with on night 6. Shutting off the room's camera will also shut down the music box, making it impossible to wind it up until the cam is up again, this also freezes its progress temporarily which can be used as an advantage. There is no indicator for when the music box is dangerously low.

Her screech:


The Incident Room, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and rush in to jumpscare the player on The Office


  • Doll's Music Box is the same one Po has in Five Nights at Tubbyland (I do not take credit***)
  • Doll's screech is also the same as Po's from FNaTL (I do not take credit***)
  • Doll's name is inspired by Po's name from FNaTL
  • Lisa refers to Doll as a male, but the toon sometimes uses female pronouns for itself.
    • After years, it has been retconned that Doll is Bigender. Both Male and Female.
  • Doll has similar mechanics to the Puppet from FNAF 2
  • Doll is one of the few characters to have a special mechanic and an unavoidable jumpscare when neglected.
  • Shutting off The Incident Room's camera will not lure out any suits and/or toons that are currently in the office. This is probably to balance out the benefit that comes from shutting off its camera (it freezes the music box.)