"The creepy Ortensia? I don't know anything about her, but all i know, is that the Music box is connected to her in some way." - Lisa


Doll is an Antagonist in Five Nights at Treasure Island (Abandoned: Discovery Island)


She looks like Ortensia, however, she is all dirty, and has a few yellow blood in her face and in a hole in her skirt, She is most likely Female but Lisa refers to Doll as a He, leaving this in a "Typical Mangle gender discussion". But we'll refer to Her as a "She".

She lacks of her lower jaw and her eyes, there is just a huge rip with white glowing dots, she is missing the hat that Ortensia usually had. In where her nose was supposed to be, there is a hole.


Doll will start on The Incident Room sitting down in a corner, where a music box can be heard (Posted below)

The player must wind up this Music Box to keep Doll on the room, if the player forgets to do so, and the music ends, she will get up and head to the office in a matter of seconds. The player cannot avoid her in this state, the music box unwinds faster each night, and almost impossible to keep up with it on night 6. Shutting off the camera of the room, will also shut down the music box, making it impossible to wind it up until the cam is up again. Her behavior is almost similar to Puppet's behavior from FNaF 2, except her music box unwinds slightly faster, and the player doesn't receives a warning if either the Music box must be winded or it's almost ending.

Her screech:


The Incident Room, Staff Area, Meat Freezer, and rush in to jumpscare the player on The Office


  • Doll's Music Box is the one Po's has from Five Nights at Tubbyland (I do not take credit***)
  • Doll's screech is also the same from Po's one from FNaTL (I do not take credit***)
  • Doll's name is inspired by Po's name from FNaTL
  • Why Lisa refers to Doll as a he? Well, originally, this character was going to be male, but due to certain problems, Mateo had to make the character using Ortensia as base image, and so, further leaving unknown if (S)he is Female or Male.
  • Doll acts very similar to the Puppet from FNaF 2
  • Doll is one of the few characters to be unique AKA cannot be avoidable.
  • Doll was going to be another joke as MS Paint Mickey however, Doll turned out to be an Actual character.
  • Her appearance is also based off Po from FNaTL
  • Weird enough, shutting off the camera of this room will not lure the suits out of the office.
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