Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

General Information

Doodle Oswald is an Anthropomorphic Rabbit based on Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, He's an antagonist in Abandoned: Discovery Island


His design looks like Oswald, however he has a overall more melted look. His mouth has 4 ink dropping from the upper lip to the lower lip. He has empty eye-sockets with a drop of his gray face dripping down in his left eye-socket. Unlike the other Oswalds, he has gloves and shoes like Mickey Mouse. He is unusually glossy with his glove being glossier than the rest of his body, His right ear is almost entirely gone while his left has a chunk missing.


When he becomes active, Lightning strikes as he appears in the Storage Room. He at first stands in the center of the room. Before he begins to leave, he stands in front of the camera with his hands on said camera. After that, he leaves and than moves to the Staff Area. Later he moves to the Meat Freezer, lastly he moves to the Lounge as he stands in front of the camera again. When he enters the office, the player has to hide in order to prevent their death. Failure to do so will result in a game over.


  • Doodle Oswald is one of few Oswald toons to have arms (stating the obvious)
  • Doodle Oswald doesn't come from this universe, He comes from the [REDACTED]
  • He's surprisingly hard to see at times. Possibly due to his colors.
  • He's currently the only Oswald toon to have Mickey-esque gloves and shoes.
  • His original design had him with a human arm inside his left arm and he didn't have a right arm. This was scrapped due to a change of lore within his home universe.