Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


Doodle PNM is a easter egg that was found in Abandoned: Discovery Island


Doodle PNM is a Photo-Negative Mickey toon, However his colors aren't the normal colors at all, Having Gray Shorts, Black Face, Gloves, Buttons and Shoes and the rest of him is White. He also seems to have an Orange-ish tint to him.


Doodle PNM starts appearing naturally on night 4 but can appear earlier than that, When he becomes active he'll start appearing in the office, Hide to get rid of him (He goes away instantly). When he appears in the office he'll say "I was Abandoned by Disney", If you fail to get rid of him in time, He'll crash the game.


  • He's not canon in the [REDACTED] universe
  • His colors were inspired from a character from a FNaTI 3.0. revival.
  • He is based largely on Shade PNM
  • He's a hallucination.