Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

"Dracula Duck is one of the and Fan Made antagonist on A:DI"


His design is similar to his counterpart except his body is Melted and Sagged. His pupil is missing and he is covered in Dust.


A "Blood" bar will appear on your top screen on Night 3 and Higher. It will decrease if you hurt by his bite mark, each time he will summon a bite mark on your screen and it has different color, White can only drain 2% of your Blood, Pink can drain your blood by 8% and the fatal one Red can drain your 20% of your blood, the red one is rare to appear on your screen. If your "Blood" bar are Fully Drain, you will die by Blood Loss.


He has no Quotes.


  • Office(Off-screen)


  • He has unused render of him in your office on the game files.
  • He was originally planned to have route and you have to increase the temperature by 80°. This was scrapped for unknown reasons.
  • If you active Both Dracula Duck and Scrooge McDuck on and without any else, they will fight each other on Character Prep 1. This happen on any difficulty but doesn't happen when another Character is activated.
  • He has also supposed to have Quote according to Developer, this was scrapped due the developer think his quote can make some Player can't Focus when they dealing on something in-game.