Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Drained Sadness

Drained Sadness.jpg


Sadness First becomes active on Night 3. Her starting location is Collection Room she then moves to Alley 1 - Alley 2 - Entrance A - Living Room - Hallway C - Meat freezer - Spare room A - The Office.


When Sadness enters your Office She will stand in the middle of the room as the light above her swings back and forth. she will wait there till' you either Flip up your camera or turn around to charge your Photo Camera. once this happens she will come closer, do it again and she will come even closer once you've done it Three times she will appear at your desk and cause the screen to distort and shake. every few seconds a number will flash on the screen type this code on your camera to make her leave.


  • This character Is Heavily based on Glitch Sadness but the reason for that is to give Her an upgraded model and new mechanic to give her a fresh coat of paint.
  • When Hook appears in the office when Sadness is there to she will disappear and let Hook fire his ink but she will not only come back later but also assist Hook by Distorting the screen and making it fade a greyscale color.
  • Sadness was going to pair up with her friends Disgust, Anger, Fear, and Joy but I decided to spare the extra characters and keep the Roster small.