Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

Dread Fanny is antagonist in Abandoned:Discovery Island.



Dread Fanny looks similar to her original counterpart with a few differences. She has no hat and the only way to signify if it's her is by her slightly torn skirt. Her hands are not connected to her arms and instead, they are connected by a few threads so that it seems like she's dragging her own hands acros the ground. There is a large crack through her right eye and her lip.


Dread Faby starts moving on Night 5 In Pirate Caverns. She then moves on this route:Pirate Caverns Entrance -> Character Prep 1 -> Meat Freezer -> Restroom -> Lounge -> Your Office. If she appears in your office you must turn off the power.


  • Her shade is based off of W. D. Gaster from Undertale.