Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia


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Dream is a clout Mickey toon.He has many holes on him. He is also missing an ear, leg, arm and a pupil. He is also really dusty. His face rater shows care or sadness in him.


Dream starts in the Storage Room then goes to the Staff Area, Meat Freezer and from there he can enter The Office or the Lounge.If he is in the Lounge he will go to the left side of the Office.He can also ocationally enter Character Prep 2. If you see him at the right side of The Office shut off a camera, if he is in the left side of The Office immediatly put your monitor up and wait for a laugh. He can also appear on the desk.If he is on it you have to hide. Not doing these things will result in a jumpscare, killing the player.


  • Dream used to be a Mickey suit, who was worn by one of the employees in Treasure Island, Mark.
  • Mark was killed by his own fater, who had a mentall illness.
  • He used to have a complete different desing.He used to be a Mickey Mouse toon with cloud textures, being transparent.
  • A scrapped idea was that he was going to be able to enter the Broadcasting Room and disable the cameras , however this idea got taken down.