Abandoned: Discovery Island RP Wikia

wtf is rat doing here?!

drunk willy looks like willy but drunk


drunk willy has green pants with brown buttons. he also has a twisted and turned face and he has brown cloves with a broken bottle on his right hand. he also has a mustache. this is willy before he transforms into the god "OH GOD WILLY GOT A GUN!!!!"


he is a rare screen where he can be seen waving at the player in character prep 01 before he fades away. but if you want him to avoid blocking your vision just ether shut off the cam or change cams, pulling down the camera won't work

how to activate the Easter egg

you must input "DRUNK" onto your keyboard it will also work on inputting "GLITCH" onto your keyboard but despite it will summon Nightmare Glitchbodied, Nightmare Photo Glitchative Mickey, Nightmare Glitchface and Nightmare Glitchwald. the poster of goofy with Pluto will change to a crappy drawing of drunk willy and he even uses his signature when drawing it further implying that he drew it

also unlike the glitched suit's you can input "DRUNK" into your keyboard all the time and it isn't a 1 time rare screen


  • he likes batman
  • 1+ r = poo poo
  • how he got a gun if far beyond us
  • he is also known as impure drunk mickey
  • his shade variant who isn't a Easter egg is just him on fire
  • r/fnati is his favorite place to be